Scaling up the production of highly efficient solar modules

The Hiperion project has received funding from The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857775.

Hybrid photovoltaics for efficiency record using integrated optical technology.

The core of HIPERION project is a disruptive solar photovoltaic (PV) module technology, based on the planar optical micro-tracking, which concentrates sunlight on multi-junction solar cells on top of a conventional silicon backplane, integrated within a static frame.

50% more energy compared to conventional PV technology

HIPERION innovative design sharply reduces solar power generation costs by significantly boosting efficiency. Combining this technology with the back-end manufacturing solutions that will be developed under the HIPERION project will give European PV manufacturers an edge over their mainstream competitors, putting them in a position to increase their share of the growing PV market.

Watt if... an emotional web series

As part of the project, compáz produced a web series consisting of 20 interview capsules. Under the title "Watt if", it questions citizen worldwide (scientists, philosophers, explorers, etc.) about energy and climate change. Compáz ask them how they perceive these topics and what solutions they believe in for the future. This emotional series allows access to technology from a more human-centred angle.

The question is who do you want to be? Do you want your children to tell “my dad was one of those who sabotaged it all”? Or do you want your children saying “my dad understood that, and he was fighting for something to change”?

Bobo Lindblad, photographer and filmmaker

Watt if

"Watt If" is a series of interviews with citizens worldwide about energy and climate change. We ask them how they perceive these topics and what solutions they believe in for the futur



Philosopher and Economist

Heng-Yu Li

PV expert

Raphaël Domjan


Anne-Marie Ridout

director of the MYK Capital Management Group SA

Jacques Dubochet

Byophysicist - Nobel prize in Chemistry

Rose Tam

Founder of the NGO Reso Collect

Dominique Bourg

Philosopher and Prof. at the University of Lausanne

Pietro Falce

Mediator, coach, and Cultural Manager

Nicola Thibaudeau

CEO MPS Micro Precision Systems AG

Ernst Zürcher

Professor in Agroforestry

Danielle Rouiller

Organic farmer

Gianluca Solimine

Project coordinator in territory sustainable development

Philippe Pythoud

Emergency nurse

Karin Sundby

Entrepreneur, public speaker, consultant & planetary steward

Rickard Nygren


Romeo Thomassen

Sustainability and Innovation leader at Oslo Bygg

Antonina Dudina

Hospitality Management's student

Kjell Tornlund

Sound engineer and musicien

Bobo Lindblad

Photographer and film maker

Mette Lindblad

Graphic designer and breathwork guide

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Together for active and efficient buildings. Demonstrate new cost-effective BIPV product concepts with high quality architectural design.