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europe union’s horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

turning solar panel into building element

The BE-Smart project has received funding from The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 818009.

Let’s be smart

The purpose of Be-Smart unique and multi-disciplinary consortium is to significantly contribute to the implementation of a stronger European industrial sector in the field of solar energy and demonstrate new cost-effective BIPV product concepts with high quality architectural design.

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From BIPV to Energy Positive Glazing EPoG

From BIPV to Energy Positive Glazing EPoG

From traditional PV...
to BIPV as Building Envelope Construction Material

Turning Solar
Panel into
Building Element

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Cost-effective and aesthetic approach

Integrating solar panels into building façades and roofs enable the substitution of traditional building materials with high quality architectural designs contributing to reduce CO2 emissions. This project will help remove barriers that have previously held back BIPV implementation by supporting the industrialisation of new multi-functional BIPV elements and focusing on cost effective, break-through transformative approaches to achieve aesthetic modules.

A unique and decisive chance for the European industry

The BIPV market presents a unique chance for the European industry to “reconquer” market share in the field of photovoltaics and become a prime player in transitional energy. Additionally, this new market could potentially drive new vision and promote a significant paradigm shift. Given the proximity of its customers, the individual nature of these projects provides more chances for local companies to develop and sell products. Moreover, the BIPV market should be taken as an opportunity for the building sector rather than the traditional PV industry. Indeed, building a PV façade involves more architectural and building engineering versus only power efficiency and cost, as is the case with traditional power plants.

Coloured and multi-functional BIPV product solutions
Coloured and multi-functional BIPV product solutions

Coloured and
multi-functional BIPV
product solutions

The creation and integration of EPoG elements with customised functions, such as colour, surface texture and shape, as well as thermal and acoustic properties, will be investigated as part of the Be-Smart project’s ultimate goal in demonstrating holistic cost-effective approaches.

Smart cities

Smart Cities

The Be-Smart project presents a wealth of sustainable technological benefits with the raw power to transform European cities into the world’s consummate smart cities. As the cleanest and most abundant of all renewal energy sources, solar energy, if sanctioned through strong partnerships and participatory governments, can accommodate the rapid rise in urban growth populations and their corresponding energy needs. Through standardising EPoG technologies and offering cost effective solutions, Be-Smart aims to bring PV into the mainstream conscience of policy makers and stakeholders to effectively leverage a reindustrialization of cities across Europe, leading to greater sustainability, new or enhanced operational efficiency, and a higher quality of life for its citizens.

Smart buildings

Smart Buildings

Building upon the benefits of EPoG standardisation, the Be-Smart project aims to shine the lights on PV integration into the design of new and existing buildings. By offering substitutes to traditional building materials and performance-enhanced design features, EPoG technology not only offers competitive manufacturing conditions, but an additional and significant ROI through the generation and storage of clean electrical energy once a building is in operation. Through its environmental and economic benefits, as well as its aesthetic flexibility, Be-Smart aims to demonstrate EPoG’s innate appeal to progressive societies in transforming their buildings into more efficient spaces with improved services for its citizens, and a greener carbon footprint.

Smart citizen

Smart Citizen

From building smart cities and buildings to building smart citizens – this is the ultimate shift in consciousness the Be-Smart project hopes to achieve. In helping to catalyze a pan-European paradigm shift towards EPoG’s normalisation in infrastructure, the price point and architectural solutions it offers will further drive its adoption into the consumer segment. EPoG will become an integral part of the smart citizen’s conscious choice of materials, thereby advancing individual wellbeing and promoting sustainable living in the future.