Where art meets science, Compáz celebrates the beauty of the environment and the interaction between humanity and nature, demonstrating that through creative partnerships, there is hope.

Compáz, a collective of scientific and artistic visionaries, is an incubator of ideas that are committed to shared goals: creating, managing, and promoting projects that drive social progress. Each one challenges us to ask big questions about society. They encourage a growth in consciousness and allow us to see – and imagine – our world differently.

Practically speaking, our projects embrace innovative technologies, often in the smart building sector, always with an eye on rational energy transition and social progress. We work with European Union partners who share our philosophy and goals. They are as inspiring as they are focused, and together, we approach each adventure with clear-eyed optimism and the collective know-how that results from the open exchange of ideas.

Compáz knows that the scientific and artistic communities have always inspired and nurtured each other. The accomplishments of one encourage achievement in the other. Aware that both disciplines have their own sometimes-bewildering vocabularies, Compáz, which speaks art and science fluently, is able – through just the right communication channels – to make the language of each clear, inviting, and democratic.


Compáz is an association, a scientific and artistic collective which is driven by its goal of supporting the creation of projects that enhance technological and social innovation through art


An idea incubator that seeks to promote scientific innovation through artistic creation, with the aim of encouraging social progress


Contributing to social positive evolution as being part of European Union Horizon 2020 Consortium projects

Laure-Emmanuelle Perret

Founding member of Compáz and director of LMNT consultancy, Laure-Emmanuelle is an accomplished scientist and expert in the field of photovoltaic, she considers herself to be a passionate and committed researcher and entrepreneur. She is driven by studying the impact technology has on our society and how we relate to it’s ever-increasing importance in our daily lives.

Lats Kladny

Founding member of Compáz and Founder-CEO of Inox Communication, Lats has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. His journey is marked by many successes, both local and international by lending his talents to companies in order inform their digital transformation and to enhance their strategic positioning in a globalized world. He is a contemporary art lover, passionate about new technological innovations and emerging economical revolutions.

Raphaël Pizzera

Founding member of Compáz and founder-Creative director of Inox Communication. An avide consumer of images, contemporary art and anything related to creativity, he has garnered a reputation for his ability to simplify complex ideas, transpose difficult topics to make them accessible and for nourishing aesthetics in unexpected places. His rebellious spirit can be seen as the antithesis of the scientific approach yet his creative skills and desire to make the world a better place are key elements to drive the success of Compáz.

Yvanna Paiva Ferreira

After her studies in communication, Yvanna took her first steps in the Bureau du 111 in which Compáz is evolving in 2021. Although she began by working solely for the communications agency Inox, which is also part of the 111, she soon joined the Compáz team as a project coordinator. Her great sense of organisation and her thirst for discovery make her a necessary cog in the wheel of the projects carried out by the team. Yvanna has no secrets about coordination, but she also brings her skills in communication strategy to the association.


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