A measure of time

The compás is a metronome that defines the rhythmic flow of flamenco. Compáz seeks to transpose this principle of mathematical rhythmic variations in order to entice a vivid emotional response through the presentations of its projects.

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Mathematical Esthetics

The compas is an instrument that is used to measure, compare, delineate distances. It also is a tool that points to magnetic north thus providing a sense of direction, aiding in navigation and allowing for exploration. Indeed, Compáz defines itself at the synergy of mathematics, science and technology with its emotional applications invoked through the creation of Art.

Pacifist action

The word Compáz is a homophone of the spanish words “con paz” which translates to being “with peace”. It embodies the spirit of the organization that questions the ever increasing role of technology in our daily lives and seeks to contribute to the peaceful evolution of society. Thus, the goal of the Compáz projects is to create thought provoking questions by stimulating our emotions.

We are


Behind Compáz is a passionate, fascinating female scientist: Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi, manager at the photovoltaic division. A visionary intrigued by the increasing impact of technology on our society, she wants to break down laboratory walls so as to bring research to life through art and bring its applications within reach of society as a whole. Convinced that the combination of these two universes has the ability to change history, Laure-Emmanuelle approached Lats Kladny and Raphaël Pizzera, founders of Inox Communication. Together, they created the Compáz association, dedicated to promoting artistic works and projects rooted in innovation.


Compàz is a collaborative adventure made of encounters. Everyday we meet new talents, wonderful people that share a common vision of our world. We are lucky and we thank those who already have contributed directly to our start.

Noëlle-Laetitia Perret, historian
Sonia Molinari, flamenca dancer
Guillaume Perret, photographer
Leila Roelli, writer & journalist
Michel Molinari, percussionist
Toast production, Maison de production audiovisuelle


Compáz is the brainchild of Laure-Emmanuelle. She is an accomplished scientist with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. A manager at the Photovoltaic division of CSEM, she considers herself to be a passionate and committed researcher. She is driven by studying the impact technology has on our society and how we relate to it’s ever increasing importance in our daily lives. On the other hand, she has a passion for flamenco. She considers it to be a wondrous art form that attempts to find balance in the extremes of life, by expressing both strength and frailty, joy and sadness, discipline and improvisation. She believes very strongly in the synergistic benefits that can be found at the convergence of the scientific and artistic worlds.


Founding member of Compáz and Founder-CEO of Inox Communication, Lats has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. His journey is marked by many successes, both local and international by lending his talents to companies in order inform their digital transformation and to enhance their strategic positioning in a globalized world. He is a contemporary art lover, passionate about new technological innovations and emerging economical revolutions. He seeks to create an ideal world where their is a harmony of mobility, technology, good business practices and strong ethical values.


Founding member of Compáz and founder-Creative director of Inox Communication. An avide consumer of images, contemporary art and anything related to creativity, he has garnered a reputation for his ability to simplify complex ideas, transpose difficult topics to make them accessible and for nourishing aesthetics in unexpected places. His rebellious spirit can be seen as the antithesis of the scientific approach yet his creative skills and desire to make the world a better place are key elements to drive the success of Compáz.

Our vision