World Premier Photos-voltaic Exhibition.
Kaleo contributes to an increase in architectural solutions
that integrate photovoltaic systems.

High-resolution photovoltaic pictures from lab to street

Kaleo follows a tradition of innovative solutions to develop novel energy strategies for future generations. The Kaleo project makes us forget about the visual aesthetic of photovoltaic panels, instead these modules appear as a high definition image while still producing electricity from light.

Les technologies du CSEM

CSEM, Swiss research and development center specializing has excelled as a pioneer in the development of esthetic photovoltaics solutions, intended to broaden the range of durable architectural materials. By offering a new perception of solar energy,

Kaleo exhibition is composed of five portraits 2 x 1.6 m. spread in ten 1x 1.6 m. photovoltaic panels

« Energy, emotion and texture. These are the 3 keywords that inspired me to capture the portraits integrated to the solar panels. I was inspired by the return of good weather and happiness to welcome the first rays of sun that warm us after a long winter. I tried to express through my portraits an emotion of happiness and abandonment. A unique moment facing the sun for recharging it’s own internal baterries. A special moment received as a gift , holding the sands of time.»

Guillaume Perret. Artist photographer