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Ante Meridiem

In collaboration with
Embassy of Switzerland
in the United Kingdom

The sun: living with
our star

Art direction
Inox Communication
Reflected Creative Lab

CSEM Switzerland

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Face à phase inauguration

Lates Event
Nov. 28. 2018

Science Museum Lates are adults-only, after-hours theme nights that take place in the museum on the last Wednesday of every month.

Creating an emotion

A forest walk lasting from midnight to midday transforms physical experience into spiritual sensations. Our eyes struggle to discriminate form through the heavy darkness. Instinct elicits prudence. The pace is slow and our senses vigilant. Visually impaired, we detect every rustle, every tremble. We hear the slow dripping sap from the trees or could it be our own heartbeat pulsing blood through our veins ? A glimmer of light pierces through the foliage and gently engulfs the vegetation. Our fantasies subside giving way to life. The forest awakens, and as we gaze to discover our surroundings our spirits are raised. The sun’s rays grow more intense, nature in its entirety offers an energy-bearing light. Suddenly we feel liberated, inspired and revitalized. Amid the intense sunlight, under the shade of branches, our feelings are inundated by a sense of nonchalance. It is midday, and the world is at its zenith.

Producing energy

This facility offers a unique blend of art and technology. The omnipresence of the sun accompanies us throughout this discovery. The photographic artwork was crafted in the Inox agency’s Creative Lab Reflected. It illustrates an extraordinary walk through a Jurassian forest with nature and the sun as the only witnesses. Printed in high definition and uniquely constructed onto photovoltaic panels, the facility transforms into an electricity generator, harvesting energy from the sun. Photovoltaic technologies offer extraordinary alternatives in terms of sustainable development. Today they can fully integrate into our environment taking on increasingly more aesthetic forms. The aim of the Compáz association is to promote scientific advances beneficial to society through art.