July 2022

This summer, Compaz inaugurated “Figli del Sole”, an exhibition part of the Be-Smart project and located in Oliveri, Sicily. 

At the heart of "Figli del Sole" are photographic portraits of Oliveri residents, which are intriguingly integrated onto photovoltaic panels and displayed in a public park in Oliveri. The subjects – men, women, and children of the community – reflect the diversity of Oliveri, which is part of the Sicilian county of Messina.

The models were chosen according to their relationship with the sun, whose path is traced by the panels. One represents, for example, the beginning of the fisherman’s working day at 4:00 a.m. while another celebrates the work of the land in the softness of a late sunny day. An ode to the sun, this powerful visual narrative continues throughout the day.